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Securing a sustainable supply chain: lessons from CSR research

Posted by Stewart Rassier, Director of Executive Education on Oct 13, 2015 12:04:00 PM

A company’s corporate citizenship impact extends beyond its headquarters. To address environmental, social, and governance issues effectively, CSR professionals today must look beyond their own operations and deep into their supply chain. How and where are materials sourced? How are the components of products developed? What are the environmental and human rights ramifications of those processes? Issues as serious as child labor, conflict minerals, and climate change can only be effectively tackled when a company’s commitments to corporate citizenship and reporting are adopted by their suppliers and partners.

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Topics: Materiality, Supply Chain Management, Triple Bottom Line, Best Practices, Business to Business (B to B), Business to Consumer (B to C)

Allstate paper reduction strategy impacts the bottom line and builds internal partnerships

Posted by TSimpson on Mar 13, 2013 7:30:07 AM

When Allstate Insurance Co. set out to reduce its environmental footprint, the company decided to approach sustainability from an efficiency perspective. By reducing its carbon footprint, Allstate could also increase its operational efficiencies and cut down on costs. To begin this process, Allstate took on a wide variety of tasks, including taking the necessary steps to make its buildings LEED certified, purchasing vehicles that had better gas mileage and revising the approval process for employee travel to cut down on unnecessary travel.

Recently, Allstate was looking for ways to bring sustainability to the employee level. For insurance companies, the biggest environmental impact is paper use, explained Craig Keller, Director, Public Social Responsibility at Allstate. From an employee and customer perspective, reducing paper use would lead to substantial cost savings for the company and give employees a cause to stand behind.

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Topics: Engaging Employees, Environmental Stewardship, Communication, Triple Bottom Line, Green

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