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Take a moment to remember the day that changed us forever

Posted by Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director on Sep 11, 2013 5:18:52 AM

September 11 is a day that has been imprinted on our collective memory. Every adult can remember where they were when the attacks on America happened, and the events of that day have changed our lives forever. As the nation and world mark the 12th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, there are several organizations that provide opportunities for you to join others as they honor those who fell and who served our country by engaging in volunteerism the week of September 11th. There are opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to serve in their communities in remembering those lost and affected by the events of September 11th.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference or commemorate September 11th here are just a few ways our members are doing so this week and beyond:

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At Insperity, employee volunteerism is central to supporting community involvement efforts

Posted by TSimpson on Nov 28, 2012 6:30:08 AM

At Insperity, giving back to the communities where employees live and work has long been a cornerstone of the company’s values. Insperity’s commitment to community involvement encompasses four specific areas of focus, including health and human services, education, military and veterans, and animal service organizations. Employee volunteerism plays an integral role in supporting these initiatives.

Insperity’s Community Involvement Department generates enthusiasm for volunteering and appeals to its employees’ passions on a national level. This is accomplished with the help of district administrators in each market who serve on Insperity’s Volunteer Council and are responsible for coordinating local community involvement activities for employees. The Community Involvement Department, along with the Volunteer Council, promotes Insperity’s culture of giving and organizes nationwide campaigns in order to create a consistent message of volunteerism.

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Aflac aligns volunteerism with ongoing commitment to pediatric cancer

Posted by TSimpson on Oct 17, 2012 7:30:25 AM

Aflac has a long-standing commitment to pediatric cancer research and treatment, having raised more than $75 million to support such efforts. And now Aflac is ramping up its support by aligning employee volunteerism with the pediatric cancer fight.

Employees have already demonstrated a commitment to the cause through donations and volunteer activities at the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta. To further its dedication to pediatric cancer, Aflac recently established a partnership

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Dassault Systèmes taps into power of partnership for successful first Day of Service

Posted by TSimpson on Aug 23, 2012 8:00:01 AM

On May 1, 2012, Dassault Systèmes launched its first ever Day of Service at its new Boston campus. More than 200 employees were involved in over 15 volunteer activities in the community and at the office. Activities included preparing and serving meals to the homeless, painting murals with children at the Waltham Boys and Girls club, sorting food at the Greater Boston Food Bank, writing letters to soldiers abroad, and harvesting crops at local farms, to name just a few.

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How will you celebrate International Corporate Philanthropy Day?

Posted by Allison Lee on Feb 23, 2011 5:00:55 AM

As companies become increasingly global, their corporate citizenship and community involvement follows suit. In celebration of this increased internationalism of corporate philanthropy, the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy is leading International Corporate Philanthropy Day on February 28. Celebrated on the fourth Monday in February every year, International Corporate Philanthropy Day is an opportunity for corporations to reflect on, and raise awareness of, the role of the private sector in society, as well as the business and social benefits of corporate community investment.

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Toyota applies production know-how to roll out holiday help for needy

Posted by Tim Wilson on Nov 24, 2010 9:02:32 AM

Putting together everything it takes to make a Thanksgiving dinner can be complicated in any household. Now imagine trying to do it for 1,000 families in one place. It would be chaos.

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Americans cutting back on volunteerism

Posted by Susan Thomas on Aug 27, 2009 11:10:44 AM

A new survey finds that Americans are suffering from a “civic foreclosure” that is limiting the range and depth of their civic engagement. The survey results reflect the hard choices Americans have made during the downturn, with 72 percent of respondents saying they have cut back on time engaged in civic participation, which includes time spent volunteering, participating in groups or performing other civic activities in their communities.

That finding undercuts anecdotal reports of volunteers’ flooding nonprofit groups as unemployment has increased and suggests the challenges faced by the Obama administration, Congress and foundations working to encourage greater volunteer service and civic participation, says the New York Times.

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