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Tyco teams with Action Against Hunger to tackle clean water access

Posted by Sarah Andersen on Oct 6, 2011 1:57:45 PM

Center member Tyco International has found a way to fully utilize its people, products, services, and funding support in a new philanthropic global partnership with Action Against Hunger / ACF International. Together they have formed the Clean Water Access Initiative, which will bring safe drinking water to some of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

Tyco and Action Against Hunger are combining their individual strengths to create a more sustainable and effective solution to clean water access that neither could have accomplished individually. “The initiative, the first global corporate partnership for ACF International, employs an innovative model of collaboration designed to enhance our capacity while scaling up the reach and impact of our clean water programs,” said Nan Dale, Action Against Hunger’s CEO. She continues to challenge the corporate sector saying “we hope Tyco International’s visionary commitment to the Clean Water Access Initiative will inspire other corporations to join the NGO sector in tackling hunger and water issues.”

In 2010 Tyco had formed a Water Philanthropy Council which began the process of developing a CSR program that would involve the capabilities of the Tyco Flow Control Business. Little did that council know that these desires would be called into action so quickly when the Haiti earthquake struck. The Tyco Water Philanthropy Council saw this as an immediate priority demanding Tyco’s support and searched for an NGO partner with the resources and expertise to mobilize a quick and effective response. Action Against Hunger/ACF was already working on the ground in coordinated programs with other major NGOs, and because of their impeccable track record and mission alignment with Tyco, the partnership began. With funding from Tyco and Tyco Flow Control, ACF established a series of emergency water stations around Port-au-Prince to provide critical access to clean water.

Tyco International has dedicated more than $2 million during this three-year partnership for direct funding for targeted water projects as well as in-kind product and service support. Three core components of this partnership are:

  • Action Against Hunger can request Tyco funding in response to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. This will enable Action Against Hunger to work quickly and effectively to address humanitarian relief needs by providing clean water and other supplies to people in affected areas.
  • Tyco will help directly fund ongoing Action Against Hunger projects that provide access to clean water in different areas of the world. Tyco will begin work in Indonesia’s NTT Province, where low access to clean water is a major contributing factor to poor health and malnutrition.
  • Tyco will donate products and expertise in support of Action Against Hunger water programs.

“This partnership will help advance ACF’s mission to help needy communities gain access to sustainable clean water and sanitation,” said Patrick Decker, president of Tyco Flow Control. “In addition to our financial support, we will contribute products and the technical expertise of our people working in the water industry to support ACF teams working around the world.” Currently Tyco water and civil engineers based in Australia are consulting and collaborating with the Action Against Hunger program staff in Indonesia on the first community-based development project. The joint effort is managed by a steering committee representing both organizations.

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