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Building better leaders for a more sustainable future

Posted by Susan Thomas on Jul 21, 2014 5:39:54 AM

Corporate citizenship can advance only when efforts are guided by informed and dedicated leaders—and leadership happens not just at the top of organizations, but from every seat.

That’s why, every year, corporate citizenship professionals from around the world come to the Center’s Corporate Citizenship Leadership Academy, an intensive trimester-long program that aims to strengthen leaders so that they can more effectively engage and influence their colleagues, improve organizational alignment, and broaden support, ultimately increasing long-term business and social value for their companies.

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IKEA Foundation tackles child labor in India’s cotton communities; long-term holistic approach addresses social, cultural and economic influences

Posted by Susan Thomas on Jul 15, 2014 8:47:10 AM

IKEA_Foundation_BLKTen-year-old Tejas was forced to leave school and work in the cotton fields in India alongside his parents to supplement the family’s US $1.67 a day earnings. "It’s very difficult to work in cotton fields," says Tejas. "My back ached every day. I feared that snakes or spiders would bite me. I wished I could study. My friends used to ask me to go to school with them. I had to work."

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Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Community Involvement, Non-Profits, Human Rights, Foundation, Signature Programs

Alcoa Foundation and Discovery Education’s "Manufacture Your Future" off to a strong start

Posted by Susan Thomas on Jul 3, 2014 10:47:00 AM

Alcoa-Foundation-Logo-150x150According to a national survey, less than 20 percent of Americans said that their parents or school system had encouraged them to pursue a career in manufacturing. In response, Alcoa Foundation, the charitable arm of Alcoa, a manufacturing company pioneering the revitalization of the industry, teamed up with their new partner, Discovery Education, in an effort to bridge the industry’s unemployment gap through an online program named "Manufacture Your Future," which debuted in late May.

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2014 Conference closes with lessons on teams, teamwork, and decision making - and an invitation to Austin

Posted by Susan Thomas on Mar 26, 2014 8:46:05 AM

The final day of the 2014 Conference continued with the high energy of the day before as PlayWorks, Mattel’s NGO partner, engaged the audience and invited all attendees to partake in a lively group exercise to get people’s blood flowing and brain cylinders firing. Attendees sang, clapped, and sashayed around the ballroom in an exercise that helped them make new connections, all in a context of playfulness as critical for productivity and innovation.

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Topics: Corporate Citizenship, Network, Professional Development, Teams

Conference breakouts provide valuable learning opportunities

Posted by Susan Thomas on Mar 24, 2014 8:59:55 PM

Outside the rich discussions emerging from the general sessions, conference attendees and speakers alike were sharing, learning, and inspiring each other in the day’s many breakout sessions. Following are highlights from just a few of the sessions:

“Engaging All Employees: A Guide to an Inclusive Portfolio” featured corporate citizenship pros who have mastered the art and science of employee engagement. Mark Heintz, director of corporate responsibility at Deckers Outdoor Corporation, Patty Pannkuk, vice president of team member philanthropy at Wells Fargo, Kate Rubin, vice president of social responsibility and president of UnitedHealth Foundation, and Nicole Stein, vice president of community responsibility at Umpqua Bank, spoke about what has worked for them to develop effective engagement efforts.

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Topics: Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability, Engaging Employees, Leadership, Innovation

Day two of 2014 Conference delivers information and inspiration

Posted by Susan Thomas on Mar 24, 2014 8:35:18 PM

From driving change through employee engagement and deploying the workforce across the globe as mentors, to celebrating Usher’s life-changing youth empowerment initiative, the second day of the Boston College 2014 International Corporate Citizenship Conference delivered as promised with a solid lineup of moderated discussion and lively panel presentations.

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Topics: Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability, Stakeholder, Engagement, Integration

Northwestern Mutual wins 2014 Corporate Citizenship Film Festival Award

Posted by Susan Thomas on Mar 24, 2014 7:46:00 PM

Los Angeles, CA- March 24, 2014 - On Monday evening at the 2014 International Corporate Citizenship Conference, Northwestern Mutual was announced as the winner of Boston College’s 6th Annual Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.

Northwestern Mutual's winning video, "The Domino Effect of Childhood Cancer," was created to increase awareness about childhood cancer and the company’s commitment to the cause. In partnership with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and Starlight Children's Foundation, the Northwestern Mutual Foundation’s Childhood Cancer Program funds childhood cancer research and provides support to families fighting this disease. The "domino effect" addressed in the video looks at how a cancer diagnosis affects not only the patient, but family and friends as well.

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Corporate citizenship leaders meet in Los Angeles to talk adaptable leadership in increasingly demanding business landscape

Posted by Susan Thomas on Mar 23, 2014 9:33:56 PM

The 2014 International Corporate Citizenship Conference kicked off at the Beverly Hilton with an opening reception hosted by Altria. The space was abuzz with excitement from first-time attendees and conference veterans alike who were looking to share and learn from each other’s experiences and expertise. Networking commenced, connections were made, and rich conversation began in earnest among peers eager to talk corporate citizenship and today’s realities.

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Watch Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn during live event on Monday, April 11

Posted by Susan Thomas on Apr 9, 2011 1:44:34 PM

I'm writing this from balmy Minneapolis - yes balmy, with temperatures in the 60s - during that eerie quiet that always occurs just before a large event like our annual conference. The boxes are unpacked, the rooms are set up - now all we're doing is waiting for the rest of you to arrive. (Okay, there's still a lot of prep work going on, not to mention a meeting of our Community Involvement Leadership Roundtable and our Community Involvement Leadership Academy meeting tomorrow. But we're still waiting eagerly for the remaining 500 of you to show up at this sold out conference.)

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Announcing our third annual Film Festival

Posted by Susan Thomas on Jan 25, 2011 7:32:00 AM

Film awardIt’s time to enter your corporate citizenship video in the 2011 Film Festival sponsored by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. Winners will be announced during the annual International Corporate Citizenship Conference, April 10-12, 2011, in Minneapolis.

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