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Achieving compensation equality in the workplace

Posted by Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director on May 2, 2018 2:32:16 PM

The merits of diverse and inclusive workforces are well-documented. They drive innovation, bolster financial performance, capture new markets, and increase customer loyalty.[1] Fair and equal compensation is the prerequisite of cultivating an inclusive company culture, and is an issue that is receiving attention increasingly from policymakers, corporate leaders, and the popular media.

The negative effects of inequality are felt across our entire economy. As income and wealth become concentrated at the top, fewer can participate fully in the economy. This hampers growth at all levels.  The American Dream, once thought to be a birthright, has proven to be available more readily to children of the educated and affluent than to others.[2] Income equality is a corporate citizenship and economic imperative. Corporate citizenship is not what happens in the corporate citizenship department. Good corporate citizenship is reflected across the operations of the company in how the company exercises as an entity its rights, responsibilities, obligations, and privileges

Research shows that racial and gender income inequality affects every country, industry, and field.  For example, respondents to the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s Profile of the Professionals 2018 study report that women fill most corporate citizenship positions. Their representation drops off, however, in more highly compensated executive positions (see Figure A). Women respondents also reported earning less than their male counterparts, and receiving lower bonuses (See Figure B).

PoP-Fig37 (1)


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Corporate Citizenship Conference Recap Day 3: Resilient, Responsible Leaders Driving Results

Posted by Jessica Shearer on Apr 10, 2018 5:57:00 PM

UPSThe final day of the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference was rich with inspiration and ideas, as attendees learned from a wide array of CSR experts, solidified connections during networking events, and were introduced to next year’s Conference sponsor—Mary Kay—during the event’s closing session.

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Corporate Citizenship Conference Evening Recap Day 2: Future Focus and the Power of Purpose

Posted by Jessica Shearer on Apr 9, 2018 11:24:27 PM

ArcelormittalBy the end of the first full day of the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference, attendees had participated in panel discussions, workshops, case studies, networking events, and four inspiring keynote sessions. They closed the day leaving with practical tools and tactics to achieve resilience and results in their companies and communities through strategic responsibility.

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Corporate Citizenship Conference Morning Recap Day 2: Investing Today for a Stronger Tomorrow

Posted by Jessica Shearer on Apr 9, 2018 6:36:46 PM

Marlene CropToday, attendees of the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference came together for dynamic keynotes, deep-diving breakout sessions, and collaborative networking opportunities to share how they leverage responsibility to strengthen resilience and achieve results. Highlights of the day include an on-site volunteer project benefiting children’s hospitals in the LA area, in-depth discussions on the importance of a long-term view, the employee engagement potential of strategic programs, and much more.

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2018 Corporate Citizenship Conference Recap Day 1: Building Better Together

Posted by Jessica Shearer on Apr 9, 2018 12:08:25 AM

WellsFargo_GeneralSessionToday, 600 CSR professionals traveled to Los Angeles to kick off the 2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference—an event dedicated to helping CSR professionals strengthen the connections between resilience, responsibility, and results. The afternoon was filled with numerous networking opportunities and an illuminating dinner session—and was capped off by the annual Film Festival award ceremony—setting the stage for two more days of insights and connections.

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2018 International Corporate Citizenship Conference Begins Today in Los Angeles

Posted by Jessica Shearer on Apr 8, 2018 11:05:41 AM

Each year, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship gathers CSR leaders from around the world for two and a half days of learning, sharing, and growing. This year, the Conference is hosted by Travelers, a company who has, for more than 160 years, helped individuals and organizations foster resilience, invest in responsibility, and deliver results.  


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Environmental insights: Trends in Sustainable Business study

Posted by Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director on Apr 3, 2018 10:19:48 AM

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” – John Muir

TrendsInSustainableBusiness-Cover2_smallThe interconnection of issues we address in our corporate citizenship work becomes especially evident in attempts to achieve environmental sustainability. From sourcing, to product development, to waste management, our strategies must accommodate shifting constraints and opportunities presented by our natural environment and other stakeholders.

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Emphasizing both process and product to achieve sustainability goals

Posted by Colleen Olphert, Director, Membership and Member Services on Mar 29, 2018 11:56:28 AM

The following is excerpted from Issue 23 of The Corporate Citizen. To learn how to differentiate your company by developing strategic commitments to managing natural resources, consider joining us in Dallas, TX May 2-3, 2018 for our Environmental Sustainability 101 course.

ArcelorMittal-10ListArcelorMittal’s business operations are undeniably widereaching: The company has 199,000 employees across 60 countries who together contribute to the annual production capacity of approximately 113 million metric tons of crude steel, which is used to serve markets such as automotive, construction, and household appliances. While the scope and impact of ArcelorMittal’s work is impressive, the sustainability efforts undertaken by its employees are arguably even more so.

In 2014, the ArcelorMittal team completed a thorough and strategic materiality process, which laid the groundwork for the creation of a sustainable development framework. “We knew we had really good CSR initiatives that were having positive impacts, and that we had great relationships with our partners,” said Marcy Twete, executive director, ArcelorMittal USA Foundation; division manager, corporate responsibility, ArcelorMittal Americas. “But what we were missing was a big-picture strategy that would match our work to what the company was doing commercially.”

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Resilience and other lessons social impact leaders can learn from Olympians

Posted by Nikki Korn on Mar 16, 2018 4:19:29 PM

As we watched the Olympics and Paralympics, we saw athletes from all parts of the world pursue their goals without letting anything or anyone get in the way.  Their commitment and mindset teach us essential lessons for how we, as corporate citizenship professionals, must approach our work every day.


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10th Annual Film Festival | Finalists Announced

Posted by Jessica Shearer on Mar 7, 2018 10:47:03 AM

Congratulations to the nine newest Corporate Citizenship Film Festival finalists!

Public voting for the 2018 Film Festival has closed and YOU have chosen this year's top nine submissions. Thank you to all the companies that entered. The Corporate Citizenship Film Festival—presented by Wells Fargo—is proud to honor excellence in corporate citizenship and recognize the great work being undertaken by companies across the CSR landscape, including impactful disaster relief programs, innovative STEM and financial literacy educational initiatives, community involvement campaigns, and partnerships designed to improve health and well-being.



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